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Agnès Jacquerye, PhD, Clinical Sexologist

You are here because you feel an imbalance in your intimate life and are experiencing challenges that seem difficult to overcome. Modern life can often confront us with complex pressures and situations that affect our emotional well-being and intimate satisfaction.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced moments of satisfaction and connection in your intimate life, but these moments can now seem far away. The stresses of everyday life and your professional and personal responsibilities can sometimes take precedence over your personal needs.

As an experienced clinical sex therapist, I’m here to help you rediscover a sense of intimacy. With over 40 years’ experience in public health and extensive training in sexology, I offer a personalised approach to solving your sexual and relationship challenges. I use an integrated approach, in particular Sexocorporel, which encompasses the bodily, emotional, relational and cultural aspects of sexuality. My aim is to give you the keys to overcoming your sexual difficulties and re-establishing a fulfilling intimacy.

I believe that every challenge can be overcome, and I encourage you to take that first step towards fulfilling intimacy.  If you wish, you can contact me beforehand for an initial discussion. Here’s my mobile number: 0032 (0) 498 11 24 56.


To find out more about my background and approach, visit my website: agnesexplique.be

Training in sexology

If I’ve worked in the health sector and in hospitals for 40 years, in 2007 I discovered a new passion and decided to train in sexology.

I started by training at the Université Catholique de Louvain, then completed my training with other courses, particularly in :

  • Sexocorporel, with Pr Jean-Yves Desjardins at UQAM in Montreal,
  • Sexoanalysis, with Pr Claude Crépault from UQAM in Montreal and with Esther Hirsch in Brussels,
  • Sex Coaching, with Patti Britton from Los Angeles,
  • Tao of Sexuality, with Mantak Chia in Chiang Mai,
  • Tantra, with Margot Anand in Montpellier on Sexual Magic and the Spirituality of Sexuality.

Additional Details

  • Areas of Specialization:orgasmic difficulties
  • Biography, degrees, certifications:Sexo Corporel specialist
  • Primary Audiences Served:Men and women between 20 - 60 year old
  • Services Offered:Coaching and Sex therapy
  • Gender: Woman
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