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Aubrey is an empathic Sex & Intimacy Coach who guides women in relationships to safely discover and explore their true desires, so that they can have deeply pleasurable sexual experiences. Through her compassionate and intuitive approach, she has coached several women across the country to embrace their sexuality and take ownership of their pleasure. 

As a former scientist, she is methodical in her approach and uses the scientific method to guide her clients through sexual discovery, and in her own personal sexual experimentation. She uses somatic exercises and talk therapy to provide sex education and practical tools that help women transform their sexuality and deepen their connection with themselves. 

Aubrey’s coaching philosophy is based on the belief that every woman deserves to have access to her pleasure! She is the creator and owner of Pleasure Roots, a transformative coaching practice and supports mostly women in her practice. She believes that our sexuality and level of self-acceptance is based on our relationship with masturbation and uses at-home self-pleasure exercises in her work often. 

Aside from her work as a Sex Coach and Educator, Aubrey is a best-selling author, speaker, artist, daughter, sister and aunt. She has been featured on multiple podcasts and has hosted a variety of virtual and in-person workshops focused on sexual communication and exploration. On stage, Aubrey is an impactful speaker who stands for women’s desire and the importance of choice and connecting to pleasure. Outside of her Clinical Sexologist training, she has also been trained in advanced consent, boundaries and facilitating physical touch.  

Whether you’re seeking to overcome sexual awkwardness, deepen the connection with your partner, or simply explore your own sexuality in a safe and supportive environment, Aubrey’s coaching practice can help you achieve your goals. With her guidance, you can discover new depths of pleasure and intimacy, and unlock a newfound sense of confidence and empowerment in all areas of your life.

Additional Details

  • Areas of Specialization:Exploring and discovering desire and pleasure, communicating sexual desires, setting and maintaining boundaries, finding and embracing all parts of self, introducing new sex toys
  • Biography, degrees, certifications:Aubrey is the creator and owner of Pleasure Roots and is a certified Clinical Sexologist (through Sex Coach U). She is a Sex & Intimacy Coach and continues to educate herself in somatic practices that focus on self-compassion and accessing your pleasure. She will obtain her YTT in May 2024 and continues to widen her scope of human understanding through a variety of consent-focused workshops and trainings and facilitating small groups and women's retreats.
  • Professional Philosophy:Pleasure can heal the world
  • Primary Audiences Served:Women and women in relationships
  • Services Offered:Awaken Your Desire 4-Month Program that features both one-on-one and group coaching. I also provide private one-on-one coaching and free or low-priced workshops and retreats.
  • Gender: Woman
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    Q What is Sex & Intimacy Coaching?

    Similar to other forms of coaching, sex and intimacy coaching focuses on getting you from where you are currently to where you want to be in the future. The focuses involved in this type of coaching can be a huge variety as human sexuality is so beautifully vast and unique. Some areas of coaching can be focused in sex, intimacy, self-love, arousal, pleasure, introducing and learning about sex toys, learning how to receive, practicing communication skills, and more! It is very common to discover that the root of sexuality challenges have nothing to do with sex, itself.

    I often include a variety of sex education throughout my coaching sessions with clients and workshops. It is very common that many adults do not understand how their bodies/genitals work and so I provide factual information, so that they can become the experts of their own bodies!

    Q Is a Sex Coach the same as a Sex Therapist?

    Actually, no! Sex Therapists require additional credentials and is a federally regulated profession. To become a Sex Coach, I was required to go through so many hours of sexology education and supervised coaching. Since my certification, I have added many other trainings and workshops to my portfolio, so that I continue to show up as the best version of myself for those that I serve. Go to the "Meet Aubrey" page to learn more specifically about my background and credentials.

    There are some modalities that are used in both coaching and therapy, but the main difference is that coaching is focused on the present and future; whereas, therapy can sometimes involve deep discussion regarding past or childhood trauma. During our coaching sessions, we will dive into some past experiences, but will always bring it back to the present!

    Q What does the process look like?

    It's super easy! Once you book a Pleasure Awakening Session, we hop on Zoom and discuss exactly what you want to work on and why it's important to you. If we both decide that we want to more forward - and if I decide that I'm qualified to uniquely support you - then we'll choose the right package for you and get started!

    If we are not a fit for each other, I have access to a large sex coaching community and can provide introductions or referrals.

    Q Does it include touching of any kind?

    No, it doesn't. There are some sex coaching modalities that do include touching, and that is perfectly okay! However, I do not engage in touch with my 1:1 clients at this time - this is mostly due to the style of our session being through Zoom.

    The only touching that I may encourage is you touching yourself in loving ways!

    Q What forms of sexual expression are you not coaching at this time?

    While I accept many forms of sexual expression, there are some things that I don't coach at this time. These include blood play, catheter play, piercing play, and some other forms of sensation play. Again, I completely support you expressing yourself in these ways and encourage you to find the edges of your sexual desire! I am also more than happy to refer you to a sex coach more suited for you!

    Q How long does it take?

    It depends. Though, for everyone I've worked with so far, it has taken more than one session. This is why I require new clients to book one of my coaching packages or enroll in my coaching program, Awaken Your Desire. For some of my clients, they only need 3-4 sessions and with others, we've been together for much longer. It all depends on what you are working on, and most importantly, how you prioritize your own efforts and growth. Transformation doesn't happen over night!

    Often times when you level up in certain ways in life, other opportunities present themselves that you've not experienced or prepared for. My private coaching clients can stay with me as long as they feel they need support. When I've hired coaches for my own journey, I've worked with some for a few months and others for years.

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