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My name is Kincaid McMinn, founder of Royal Love Coaching, Co-founding member of The Pleasure Union, and host of the podcast Royally Screwed. 

My dedication to sexual wellness traces back to my early college career, when I wanted to learn how to get a girlfriend. A little childish, yes, but a powerful drive, nonetheless. As I asked around, I learned that very few of my friends could answer the questions I had, so I tried to find answers on the internet.

What I found there covered everything from wonderful to horrifying, and I quickly realized the ones that left me feeling more on the “wonderful” end of the spectrum: articles that covered things like negotiation, consent, exploration, boundaries, etc., all tended to be written by “Clinical Sexologists”. I realized just how little positive information there was around sexual health, and realized deeper down, that I wanted to add my own contribution to the “wonderful” side, if I could. 

Since then, I’ve worked hard to educate myself on a wide variety of sexual practices and lifestyles, in order to try to provide other young adults the education that I felt was lacking from my and my friends’ lives. 

Sex and dating can be scary, but you don’t have to be totally screwed if you’ve got the right tools. 

If you want to seek coaching with me, submit a contact form here, or visit my website. I hope to hear from you. 

Additional Details

  • Areas of Specialization:Dating/Dating Profile Evaluation and Coaching, Male-bodied Sexual Concerns, Female Sexual concerns, Couples Coaching, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Challenging Gender Stereotypes
  • Biography, degrees, certifications:I am a proud graduate of Sex Coach U, and an honored member of the SCU Professional Association. I have attended a SAR training in 2018, recently attended an ASPEX training in 2023, and regularly attend continuing education events designed to give me unparalleled insights into the breadth of human sexual diversity and embodiment.
  • Professional Philosophy:I believe that so much suffering in todays world stems from improper education or an outright lack of education around Sex, Love, and Relationships. My mission is to help dispel those myths and misinformation, help you develop your greatest self-love, and if you desire, find a partner(s) who love you just as equally.
  • Primary Audiences Served:Single Men and Heterosexual Couples
  • Services Offered:I offer One-on-one Coaching over skype and workshops covering dating and sexual skills.
  • Gender:Man
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    Q What is Sex Coaching?

    Sex Coaching is where we, using a talk-only approach, discuss your sexual concerns and create action steps to increase your pleasure.

    Q Is Sex Coaching for me?

    I believe that because of the sex-negative culture in which we live, almost everybody can benefit from Sex Coaching.


    A primary requirement that I make of prospective clients is that you be “coachable.” This means to keep an open mind to possibilities you may not have originally thought of, and be prepared to do the work necessary to make the changes you want in your life. Ask yourself if this is you. If you are ready to commit to yourself in a truly transformational way, this is a great start.

    If you are suffering from severe trauma, please seek treatment from a Licensed Mental Healthcare Professional. After you have made progress, then we can resume conversations about coaching to take you from a place of pain or neutral to pleasure.

    Q What happens in a Sex Coaching session?

    It is pretty simple.

    At the time of the appointment, I will call you from a private video server. After a brief check-in, we may discuss any progress made on home exercises since the last session and then can begin talking about whatever may come up.

    As a Coach, I may have a loose agenda of possible topics to discuss, but that is always superseded by what you bring to a session. The Coaching process is always guided by you, the client.

    Depending on what comes up, I may instruct you through an interactive exercise together, give you exercises to practice on your own, send you recommended resources to check out, or something else entirely.

    At the end of a session, we will briefly recap the events of the past hour, go over home assignments, and affirm takeaways from the session.

    This is a fun, interactive process, that allows progression while also enabling free flow.

    Q How do I get started?

    Check out my Services page to get an idea of what I offer, and discover what interests you.

    Then, you can head to my Contact page and submit a brief questionnaire to start scheduling your Discovery Call for private coaching.

    Or if you are interested in a Seeker Session, you can send me an email with basic information regarding your topic. Please use the subject line “Seeker Session Request” in your email.

    Your request has been submitted successfully.

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